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  • 22.04.2014
    IKM Gruppen bought Poseidon Consulting Services AS
  • 14.04.2014
    Spring newsletter from IKM Consultants - Per Oscar Knudsen
    Growth will continue at a healthy pace in 2014, despite less activity among some of our customers. However, new clients will have a higher level of activity that will compensate for this. IKM Consultants are well prepared to offer new 
    opportunities in this area and to other new project, both in Norway and international.
  • 19.12.2013
    Statoil awards Global Frame Agreement to IKM Consultants
    IKM Consultants will provide contracted multi discipline personnel to Statoil's international operations and projects over the next 2.5 years .
  • 16.12.2013
  • 03.12.2013
    The annual Christmas Party in Stavanger, Bergen and Oslo
    This year IKM Consultants annual Christmas party was held at three different locations. Previous our annual party have been only held in Stavanger, but after a year with expansions and new employees it had become more practical to celebrate in each city.
  • 21.11.2013
    IKM Consultants is contributing to the Red Cross
    IKM Consultants is contributing to the Red Cross to provide assistance to areas affected by the typhoon in the Philippines.
  • 12.11.2013
    Frame-agreement with Wintershall
    IKM Consultants have been awarded a 3-year contract wilth Wintershall
  • 12.11.2013
    To our Contractors and Staff
    IKM Consultants has contractors and staff from a numerous of nations, but today we offer our sympathy to our Philippines colleagues.
  • 25.10.2013
    Christmas in Kongeparken!
    IKM Consultants would like to invite all employees to Christmas in Kongeparken.
  • 21.06.2013
    Boat trip 2013
    IKM Consultants & the party committee want to thank everyone who could participate in IKM Consultants annual boat trip. We started with a 40 min boat trip from downtown Stavanger, along the coast to Tungenes Fyr, before docking at Hummeren Hotel in Tananger. Here Atle Skarsten, a local historian, gave us the short version of Tanangers history from fishing to oil industry including a famous story about “Jentene på Flathomen”. 

    The evening continued at Hummeren Hotel where we got an amazing seafood buffet. A big thank you to Hummeren Hotel for fantastic food! 

    Hopefully everyone had a great time. Our intention with the annual boat trip is not only to maintain the strong relationship between yourself and IKM consultants, but also for you to meet new and old consultants in a non working environment. We hope to see you next year, especially those of you who couldn`t make it this year. 

    Have a nice summer! 
  • 10.06.2013
    Northsea race 2013!
    IKM Consultants wants to congratulate everyone who particiapated in this years Northsea race. Well done! 

    (Pictures below)





  • 06.06.2013
    New employees at the main office at Sola and regional office at Tranby
    Linn Martinsen Leek started as Resource Responsible at the main office at Sola 4th June. She holds a Bechelor’s degree in Human Resources and Management. The past three years, Linn has worked as Account Manager/Advisor at Xtra Personell with emphasis on commercial disciplines. Linn also has previous experience from the sales and service industry. 

    3rd June, Barbara Berg started as Resource Responsible at our Regional office at Tranby. She holds a Master’s degree in Media and Communication from the University in Oslo, and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Philosophy from Slovakia. Over the last five years Barbara has been a Recruiter towards the oil and gas industry in Tech4Hire. Here, she specialized in project management disciplines with emphasis on Project Control/Planning and Supply Chain. 

    We wish you both welcome!
  • 24.05.2013
    IKM Consultants AS acquires Poseidon Consulting Services
    IKM  Consultants AS acquires 100 per cent of the shares in Poseidon Consulting Services AS (PCS) from Siemens AS, Norway and takes over 150 highly qualified colleagues and consultants with mulit discipline backgrounds. 

    The consultants have mainly Subsea and Pipeline experience and will be a considerable supplement to the staff in IKM Consultants AS. This acquisition will strenghten IKM Consultants so we will be even more able to offer top competence and a wider range of consultants and specialists to our clients and common customers within the oil and gas industry. 

    The acquisition of PCS includes the company's UK division with current contracts and frame agreements. The two companies will be able to offer their services and expertise through their common frame agreements both in Norway and internationally. This will make IKM Consultants AS one of the three largest companies offering consultants to the Norwegian oil and gas industry, and will strengthen our position in the market. 

    - "Size is important in order to meet the demands for quality and scope, and is necessary in requiring frame agreements from the market's largest participants. These will contribute to interesting job possibilities that will make us attractive for potential consultants", says Managing Director of IKM Consultants AS, Per Oscar Knudsen. 

    The company's growth and development goes on also outside Norway. IKM Consultants AS experiences increasing demands for personnel to other parts of Europe and Asia. The company is therefore strengthening the office in Aberdeen, and is following its customers into the Asian market. 

    - "There will be much activity in our market for many years to come, and IKM will take part in this increased activity, both in Norway and internationally", says Arne Vervik, Executive Vice President in the IKM Group. 

    The implementation of the agreement between IKM Consultants AS and Siemens AS is dependent on the decision of The Norwegian Competition Authority.
  • 13.05.2013
    IKM Consultants on LinkedIn!
    We have created a separate page for IKM Consultants on LinkedIn. Click on the link below to follow us! 

    IKM Consultants on LinkedIn
  • 30.04.2013
    IKM Consultants AS has a new CEO
    Our new CEO, Per Oscar Knudsen, comes from a similar position in Norwegian Petroleum Consultants AS (NPC). Per Oscar has also held various leadership roles in Fabricom GDF, and has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. We are pleased that Per Oscar has chosen IKM Consultants and are convinced that he will fit into the IKM Group's plans for further growth and development of IKM Consultants AS.
  • 19.04.2013
    New employee at Sola main office!
    As part of our growth strategy, we have strengthened our organization at Sola main office and taken onboard Anne Metten Fjeld as Regional Manager. 
    Anne Metten has over 20 years experience from employment- and consultancy agencies,  including RC Consultants and Poseidon Consulting, where she mainly focused on subsea and pipeline disciplines.  

    We take the opportunity to welcome her to IKM Consultants!
  • 18.02.2013
    Aaslaug Omdahl is back at IKM Consultants!
    Aaslaug Omdahl started as Senior Account Administrator, 11th February. Aaslaug has previously worked at IKM Consultants for nearly 18 years. 
    We are very happy that she is back with us!
  • 09.01.2013
    IKM Consultants AS still growing!
    We have strengthen our team, taking in three new employees.

    Noal Solvik started December 1st as a payroll employee at our main office, Sola. She has previous spent five years in a role as accountant and payroll employee with Keppel Norway.

    Dag Ole Sørensen started January 2nd as Department Manager for recruitment and sales at our main office, Sola. Dag Olse has been working for Xtra Personel AS since May 2007, where he was Account Manager for Sales and Service of staffing solutions to new and existing customers, primarily aimed at IT customers and the oil and gas industry.

    Rune Dale Angeltveit started January 2nd as Department Manager at our office in Bergen. He has an engineering degree from Bergen University. Rune has 15 years experience from Aker Solutions, including 10 years in the inspection department where he was Manager Responsible for about 200 operators, both employees and contractors.

    We welcome all of you!
  • 20.09.2012
    IKM Consultants’ office at Tranby makes TV appearance!
    This summer, our offices in Oslo has been working with a consultant from Spain. Little did they know that the Norwegian television channel NRK had followed this man on his search for a job in Norway. He is a graduated Structural Engineer, who has over 15 years experience as Project Manager. His wife is a Lawyer. He is now starting as an Engineer at IKM DSC Engineering. He has been given a great opportunity at IKM, and we wish him all the best! NRK will come back to IKM Consultants in Oslo next week to finish the documentary. This will be shown on NKR1 Brennpunkt 2nd October.
  • 20.09.2012
    New employments at IKM Consultants!
    The last few months, we have employeed several colleagues at IKM Consultants: 

    Christine Høiland has worked with us since April this year. She is a graduated Economist from Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH). In addition to a 50% position as an Account Administrator at IKM Consultants, she is now taking her Master degree at the Copenhagen Business School. 

    Ine Cecilie Flateraaker started in the position as Resource Responsible 1st August. She holds a Bachelor in Marketing from BI in Bergen. Previously, she has worked as a Communications Consultant in the IT-Company Logica Norway.

    Eirik Hogstad started with us in July, as an Account Administrator. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Stavanger. In addition to working at IKM Consultants, he completes an MBA in Leadership and Management from Dowling College in New York. 

    1st October Ivar Lending will start in the position as Head of Finance and Payroll. He is a Graduate in Economics and Business Administration. Ivar has previously worked 11 years as Chief Accountant at Jysk. The last 5 years he has worked as a Department Manager for the Large Corporate Department at Visma. We are looking forward to his start-up with us! 

    In June, Birgitte Christensen started as a Resource Responsible in our offices at Tranby. She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration, Logistics and Procurement. In addition, she completed courses in Business and Marketing Management at BI. Birgitte has many years experience with recruitment from various Consultancy Companies, including Manpower and Dignus. The last three years she has worked as Marketing Supervisor at NAV.

    We welcome all of you! :)
  • 13.09.2012
    Our sales and recruitment team is expanding!

    On Monday 10th September Bjørn Madsen started in the position as Resource Responsible in the Main Office at Sola. He has a degree from Næringsakademiet, where he graduated IT- Project study. He has extensive experience in the IT industry, where he has worked as an Instructor in VMdata and Main Instructor at the Course Department at UiS - IKT Komeptanse. In recent years, Bjørn has worked as a Key Account Manager at Allianse and with consultancy at Evry.

    We welcome Bjørn to IKM Consultants!

  • 07.09.2012
    IKM Consultants has signed a framework agreement with Odfjell Drilling & Technology AS.
    The agreement with Odfjell is global and applies to the provision of technical and administrative consulting services around the world.
    Duration is 3 years with an option of 1 +1 year.
  • 20.06.2012
    New employees at IKM Consultants
    We have strengthened the team with two employees: Birgitte Christensen at Tranby outside Oslo, and Reshma Sikotra in Bergen. 

    Birgitte has a Bachelor's degree in business administration, logistics and procurement from BI. She has over 20 years of various work experience, including experience from Telenor, Manpower and Dignus. The last three years she worked as Marketing Supervisor at NAV. She is now working as a Sales- and Recruitment Responsible at IKM C. 

    Reshma has a Bachelors degree in Marketing from BI, as well as a Master in International Management from King's College London. She has previously worked in Orange Offshore, recruitment of professionals within the black and white disciplines, and is now employed as a Recruiter for IKM C. 

    We welcome you both and wish you the best!
  • 20.06.2012
    Dates for the golf beginner courses
    There will be golf courses for beginners after the summer. The course will be held from August to September. Please notify Sara Ringås [email protected] if you would like to sign up.
  • 20.06.2012
    IKM Consultants organized a golf tournament
    On Tuesday, 12th of June, vi helt our annual golf tournament at Sola Golf Club. Our enthusiastic golf consultants contributed to a fantastic day at the golf course, with good humor and excellent golf expertise.

    We would like to thank all the attendees for participating!