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Automation Site Engineer - IKM Consultants AS
IKM Consultants AS is a company within the IKM Group. The company is one of Norway's largest Norwegian owned consultant companies, which offers multi-discipline engineers both nationally and internationally. Our consultants have a high level of education and experience. They participate in all project phases; from initial studies and planning activities to project execution and close-out. Our company is growing continuously and require competent people to supplement our existing staff.
Automation Site Engineer
Automation Site Engineer shall ensure system and technical integrity across project.

Specifically the Automation engineer shall:
-Review and respond to comm.queries
-Ensure that Health, Safety and Environment has the highest priority in all activities undertaken by Engineering & Design personnel.
-Align & Coordinate the discipline activity ensuring standard solution across the field
-Proactively identify & follow up issues relevant for the Discipline design & functionality across the field.
-High focus on key challenges, areas of concern & close follow up of these.
-Good risk understanding&monitoring; of these and establishing of mitigation actions.
-Ability to work to tight deadlines & prioritisation of work to achieve these.
-Support&assist; the work of the contractor engineers and designers.
-Ensure completing all review&activities; for the discipline within the approved schedule.
-Provide technical guidance on the application of codes&standards;
-Approve& document deviations from mandated codes, standards&project; design criteria.
-Approve authority for engineering documents within Automation discipline.
-Advise on system and equipment functional testing and performance evaluation.
-Endorse working practicing and operating procedures from an Automation design perspective and monitor compliance with these.
-Produce recommendations for improvements.
-Fully competent in plant Discipline engineering and through knowledge of all relevant unit operations.
-Familiar with applicable industry standards and practices and recommended practices.
-System design and functionality for Automation systems and equipment
Required expertise
* Master/Bachelor of science
* Minimum 10 years of project experience

Language requirements: English
Work location: Onshore, Ulsan, South Korea
Contract period: 01.11.2016 - 30.06.2017
Option period: 3 x 3 months
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Ulsan, Sør Korea
Jorunn Leite
Mob: 48 03 75 73
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