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  • IKM Consultants AS is one of the largest Norwegian owned companies within its core business in provision of consultancy services.

    -  30 years of experience assisting our clients and consultants
    -  Major frame agreements with multiple operators and contractors
    -  Highly skilled staff to support our clients and consultants
    -  Able to assist and deliver services around the world
    -  Strong recognition among our clients/consultants
    -  Large network of highly skilled engineers 
    -  Part of the IKM Group
    -  Member of Achilles & Sellicha
  • IKM Consultants is one of the largest Norwegian owned companies within consultancy services.

    Over the years we have secured frame agreements with major companies within oil & gas. Years of professional and successful projects have given IKM Consultants a strong recognition among our clients and we will continue to strive to assist our clients demands. 
    IKM Consultants will be able to assist regardless of size of company or demand. 

    Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

  • IKM Consultants have several years’ experience as a service provider assisting our Clients when the need for additional resources, special skills and services arises.

    IKM Consultants AS are securing the best permanent staff using professional and standarized recruitment processes. Our highly skilled Recuitment Team assures dedication via Client driven tesourcing and selection services. Our extended database of highly competent and skilled candidates enables access to a large pool of valuable resources who want to move from one permanent or  contract position to another.

    IKM Consultants AS offers a good working environment, various positons integrated in our clients' organisations and great opportunities for personal development.

    As a consultant at IKM C we offer various benefits, including:

    - Sponsorship of training (50% of the monthly training fee and up to 3000, - NOK per year)
    - Golf training, free golf passes and a beginner course at Sola Golf Club
    - Apartments in Sirdal and Spain
    - Boat trips, pub nights and the annual Christmas party
    - Tickets to Vikings home games in football
    - Tickets to different conserts
    - Competence enrichment

    IKM Consultants welcome new consultants to join us!

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