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DIP - IM Advisor - IKM Consultants AS
IKM Consultants AS is a company within the IKM Group. The company is one of Norway's largest Norwegian owned consultant companies, which offers multi-discipline engineers both nationally and internationally. Our consultants have a high level of education and experience. They participate in all project phases; from initial studies and planning activities to project execution and close-out. Our company is growing continuously and require competent people to supplement our existing staff.
DIP - IM Advisor
Purpose of the job:

Ensure Business Critical Information is handled according to Client's BMS processes, applicable specifications and regulatory requirements.
Responsible for implement and further develop the DMS for document control in Modification Projects.

Identify need for, establish and update document control guidelines for modification projects delivery and administrationin line with Client's trategy and existing Client Prequirements (BMS).

Communicate and implement said framework for Modificationteam, and to some extent at interfaces with Contractors.

Implement work processes and guidelines in applicable the modification projects organisation according to specifications

Assist with establishing document control routines when starting up new projects/deliveries and with ensuring that guidelinesare followed at project close-out.

Control that documents contain correct information required to ensure document control

Take a leading role in preparing and executing transfer of modification projects information from the various old systems used by Client's heritage companies and into the systems which will be used by Client point forward.

Provide assistance and training within Information management control and in DMS

Actively promotes a positive team environment, demonstrating shared commitment to the success of the team and the wider project organization.
Required expertise
Knowledge of DMS systems in use in different phases of the Asset value chain: PIMS Doc. Man., Documentum, ShareCat, ProArc, SharepointLibraries etc.

Knowledge of document metadata and standardisation used in the industry (NORSOK, DAMA, Dublin Core etc.)

Understand importance of categorisation of information to ensure we "only keep what is necessary"

Understand requirements for merging unstructured and structured information to meet digitalisation initiatives

Minimum 5 years of relevant experience
Personal skills
Organized, structured and service minded.
Good communication skills.
Adaptability and problems solving capability.
Ability to respond to, and deal with, project personnel at all levels including contractor staff

Work place: Stavanger
Start date: 01/02/2019
End date: 01/02/2021
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